Propeller ads review : alternative to adsense and payment proof

Propeller ads review

-In this article I am going to review propeller ads ad network. if I say this is the best network for copyright content it is not wrong because you can use this ad network with any type of content like movie download or copyright content.

Before propeller ads I have reviewed some of good ad networks like adnow review and popads ,magenet review and this is the another way through which you can make good money with your wordpress website or blogspot website or any other type of platform.

This is the one of best ad network because it gives you every type of advertisement. If you are using native advertisements , popads ,push notification advertisements and any other type of ADS then this ad network is good for your website. Because through this platform you can make money when your website is shutdown or your website is not running on perform and how it works I will go step by step in this article.
PropellerAds offer various ad types:
Native Direct Ads
Interstitial mobile ads
Dialogue ads/Push up ads for mobile
Banner advertising for all standard size
Push notification ads

Before proceed further lets take a look on payment proof :-

Find interesting , how to start make money with propeller ads.

1. Go and register as a new account as a publisher .

2. Now activate your account.

3. Go to ad new site and ad your website.

4. Now verify your website by adding ad code on your website. Once you paste code on your website you can start make money using propller ads.

Let we discuss type of advertisement offered by propeller ads network.

1. Pop under ads : This is type of ads that open when you click anywhere on the website. This ad code is open in another window. Propller ads use anti ad blocker so not to worry about that.

2.Native direct ads:


This is the another type of advertisement. In this type of ad network you can direct send traffic to a particular link and get paid for every visitor who visit on link.

In this type ads you can make upto $15 per 1000 visitor and it’s depend on your geo.

3. Push notifications :

With push notifications you can monetize your users when they not visit on your website. It means once a user became your push notifications user ,receive direct ads when start Internet on device.

Minimum payout : This the one of deciding factor where you can withdraw your money or not. High payout is some time get suck and you cant withdraw.

Conclusion : In my recommendation ,you must give it a try because it can be possible that you can make more amount comparative to adsense or any other ad network.

Some of questions Asked about propeller ads:-
1. How much do propeller ads pay .
If your website receive 1000 visitor per day and ecpm is $5 in your geo then in 30 days you can make $150. Its just a good amount because you can use it with adsense.
2. Can i use propeller ads with adsense.
Yes ,you can . The propller ads network compile with adsense and you can use both network together.
3. How do i verify wordpress website with propeller ads.
You can verify it with two methods. One Is by using there official plugin and another is by insert ads code in head section of website.
In this review ,I just try to cover all issues often occurs in mind of publisher . But if any questions that you have ,you can ask me in comment section below.


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