Top 5 adnetwork to make money online with Adsense

Every blogger started blogging with a simple motive and that is Make money online. Ofcourse making money online is not as easy as we think and also it is not as hard as we think about it.

So in this article we are going to share top 5 adnetworks that you can use with adsense and make extra money with your blog easily.

Every adnetwork that I am going to share are used by me and have proven methods of make money online.

Top 5 adnetwork to use with Google Adsense

#. Adsense:

One of the best adnetwork which every blogger use with his website. Every new blogger random think about google Adsense. Of course when i start blogging it is the only method through which i can make money. Adsense have many types of ads you can use with your blog or Website. But in this article we are going to discuss about those adnetwork which we will use with Adsense.

Note : if you are not using adsense then try to optimize your website and submit it on google search console. Copy pasted website can’t use google adsense.

1. Magenet :

I know if you are a new blogger then you are not aware about Magenet adnetwork. It is one of best adnetwork and not consume place on your website. You can easily use google adsense with it.

On magenet adnetwork, they will give you some task (Links) and you have to place those links on a particular page on your website. There is no need to click or impression on those links.

If your website have a good rank on google then for every link you can get upto $50 per month or more then it.

Just think that how much you can make with this adnetwork.

About Magenet adnetwork review i alredy wriiten a post and you can read it in hindi.

2. Adnow :

When we talk about best native adnetwork, adnow is one of them. With lowest min payout and best cpc its one of the best adnetwork.

Personally i used mgid and native adnetwork. I found that both of the native adnetwork are best.

Adnow works perfect with every type of blog and website and you can use it with google Adsense too. Adnow has many types of ads format. If you have an website with adult content then also you can use adnow adnetwork.

When it’s time of adnow review or any other adnetwork review you find it here. The main reason behind it is that we never reviw fake adnetwork.

Read more about Adnow review at here.

3. Propller Ads:

If you are searching about an adnetwork where you find all types of ads format, then propller ads is best place for you.

At propller ads you will find all types of ads format. From native ads to popads, from simple ads to direct links ads, and many more ads option make it more beautiful option to monetize your website.

Further that this, with propller ads you can make extra income by using refer program of propller ads.

Propller ads has a min payout of $100 and 5% for every refer you made at propller ads.

Find interesting, and want to know more. Find propller ads review here.


If you are searching about pop Ads then is best adnetwork for your website. gives higher amount in popads industry. is good to use with google Adsense and you can use it with every type of website. But if you are having a website with movie download or music download option then is best way to monetize.

As google adsense not allowed move download website and music download website so you can easily start with also have adult ads so if you have an adult website then you can use it with that also.

Join and make money with popads.

Note: Popads are not good by Google SEO point so use it accordingly that.

5.Mgid :

Mgid is one of best ads network in native advertising industry. You can use Mgid with AdSense. Payout rates at Mgid are good comparatively other native ads.

To get Mgid approval you need a good amount of traffic (min 1000+ ). So if you have that much traffic must apply with Mgid.

I personally used Mgid and get upto $5 on every 1000 visitors on my other blog( movie download related). Of course movie download blogs can make good amount of money using Mgid.

If you have a blog of movie download then Mgid is more better then Popads.

Find interesting, join Mgid ads here.

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