Best pubg tournament app, make money by play pubg

Well, pubg is trending game at the time. While people only play pubg for entertainment, some play to make money online. Pubg tournament app allowed users to make money by playing pubg game. This article will guide you how to make money using best pubg tournament app.

How to use pubg tournament app to make money :-

Well, pubg tournament app is not available on play store because this one is gambling app. Google play store doesn’t allowed gambling apps to be on play store. So you need to download pubg tournament app on browser.

Steps to download and register on pubg cash zone app:-

1. First, Download and install pubg tournament app by click here.
2. Now click on register button as shown in image.
3. Fill your details like name, mobile no and other details.
4. Enter refer code :- rakeshm
5. Click on register button.
6. Once you registered on pubg tournament app, you can enter in matches and win some cash.

Tips to win pubg tournament games:-

Here we are going to discuss some of the best  tips to win in pubg cash zone app. If you have further tips rather then these please comment in the comments box.

1. Join now because new app have few player’s. So chances are maximum.
2. Entry fee is start from Rs 10 so I don’t think it’s higher then we think. So let’s start playing
3. Join every match because it will increase your confidence. It will also helps you to find how many good people have joined the game.
4. Play in silent area or use earphone.
5. Your network connection must be good to play it.
6. Refer your friends to join app so it will increase your cash amount and you can play free and earn cash.

So start now and make money. 

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