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Maha shivaratri 2019 : This time, these wonderful combinations are on shivaratri 2019

Every year the chaturdashi of the Krishna side of Falgun meat is celebrated as the festival of Mahashivratri.

The importance of Mahashivratri is the highest of the 12 Shivryas in the year. This time the Mahashivratri festival will be celebrated on 4th of March.

It is on the same day that Shiv Baba is stabbed on Monday. Preparations have been launched in the districts of the district including the Mannar town of Shivratri.

The Sanskrit service body, Haramba Lal Sharma said that the date of Mahashivratri will be a wonderful coincidence on the chaturdashi of the Krishna side of Falgun.

The Mahashivratri feast begins on 4th March in the auditory Nakshatra and will be celebrated in Dhamma During the night, a quintet in the feast has increased the importance of worship at night.

The festival of Shivratri comes in the auditory nakshatra. is Monday to March 4. It is also the beloved of Shiva. This day the auditory constellation is at 12.10 Noon.

From noon onwards, Shivratri feast in Dharam Nakshatra. The Shivratri will be encouraging to devotees of Lord Shiva by having the importance of Shivpuja on Monday and the auditory nakshatra during the morning.

A variety of events will be held at Menar Neelameshwar Mahadev, Kedariya Mahadev, Ranera Mahadev shivalyo The meeting of the Navratri Dal on the preparations will be held on the Maha Shivratatri Festival in Menar town with huge hymns.

The office bearers of the Mahwari Navandal said that the evening of the Mashapooran Mahadev temple at Dhyd Pond at night on March 4 will be a special ritual puja.

A meeting of the Madeshwari Navratri Dal in the park was located on the sails of the pond. The meeting was discussed by the members on the preparations. Forum, meeting arrangements, offerings, Pooja took decisions ranging to the Archana program.

What things to be care on Mahashivratri :

If you are fasting on the day of Mahashivratri, take care of these things
1. Offer water on a lingam bathing before sunrise
2. If you want to lose the day, you can
3. Wash and Worship at dusk
4. Take food without salt or rock salt at night

Date and time of Mahashivratri 2019:-

On the 4th of March, the Quadrastha begins at 9.30 am and will remain on the 5th March, at 6 pm. In this period of time, the half-nocturnal interest is becoming a grand total of Mahashivratri on Monday, March 4.

Lord Shiva and the destroyer have been treated together in the eternal religion. With the simplicity of the girl, the Devakdhdev Mahadev protects all the unrighteousness, the negativity and the evils, and establishes the welfare and purity in the universe.

On Monday is the day of worship of Lord Shiva. But, Mahashivratri is such a goodness when the devotion and worship of Lord Shiva is the ubiquitous welfare of man. On the same day, the law is a testament to the Mahadev puja with Mahgoddess Parvati.

Lord Shiva has been regarded as Saraswati, the Ganga, the Yamuna and the Rudraksha. The joint worship of these three is to destroy the all-out and all sins. Therefore, the presence of these three is necessary with Mahadev at the time of Pooja. This makes Mahadev happy.

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