Sovrn ad network review : CPM based adnetwork

Well, the best source to make money online is blogging. Now youtube video making is also one of them.

When we start blogging, our first motive is express our ideas in a specific niche. And when it time to make money with the blog we start thinking about monitize process. There are lot of advertising networks these days but you need to try something that gives much more and some specific advertisements related to your domain.

In this process to monetize your blog you can try Google adsence, adnow ads, propeller ads or magnet ads. Through out all of these net network you can try a new ad network that is sovrn ad network.

Sovrn ad network review :-

Sovrn ad network is CPM ad network company. You can make about $1 on every 1000 visitors on your blog.

They only accept the blogs with quality content, good design and neech specific. To apply with this ad network there is no need of traffic.

yes if you have zero visitors daily you can apply with sovrn ad network as Google adsence.

Sovrn adnetwork review

Formats offered by sovrn ad network :-

This adnetwork offers banner ads for desktop and mobile. You can try 300*250, 300*600 and some other format.

They offers video format also, but this format is currently in under process.

Approval process of sovrn ad network :-

Usually they take, 72 hours to approve your account. When you create a new account you will get an confirmation mail and you can acces your account.

Dashboard format :-

Sovrn ad network review

Easy to use and easy to access format which provide you real time data about your ad network.

Payment process :-

They paying on net 30 payment based. You will get revshare 70/30 from sovrn ad network. To get your payment, here many process available like wire, bank transfer and paypal.

Final words:-

Sovrn ad network is not have as much advertisement, so if you will go through it, first try adsense or some other ad networks.( we recommended )

But if you wana go through them, please do comment and tell us how good is your experience.

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